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1. "You don't like my dress?"The vines of Reed's couture streched toward the tutor, the rose's petal-mouths chomping.It isn't that, Your Imperial Viciousness. The earthlings will not understand you. Not understanding you, they will be frightened and send their petty authorities to apprehend you."Ha!"Of course they'll fail. That isn't the point. But you'll have to wast engery dealing with them instead of concentrating on your niece's destruction. I doubt that the way to achive your aim is to spread your strength across many fronts so that, when it's time to battle Alyss, you many not be at the peak of your powers. Your niece, I gather, shouldn't be underestimated."Vollrath hadn't graduated from the Tutor Corps for nothing. "I don't like when sound reasoning counters my wishes," Redd hissed."
Author: Frank Beddor
2. "If wearing this rag will in any way speed the process of gathering my furture soldiers, then I will waer it. But if it doesn't..."Vollrath bowed. "I will subject myself to your temper."You'll have no choice."
Author: Frank Beddor

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Quotes About Vollrath

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