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1. "You work enough with someone and you develop a shorthand. You know how he likes to work through the day and he knows where you're vulnerable and where your weaknesses and strengths are, so it makes for a good team, a team that knows who's over there behind your back."
Author: David Strathairn
2. "Our weaknesses are always evident, both to ourselves and others. But our strengths are hidden until we choose to reveal them--and that is when we are truly tested. When all that we have within is exposed, and we may no longer blame our inadequacies for our failure, but must instead depend upon our strengths to succeed ... that is when the measure of a man is taken, my boy."
Author: James A. Owen
3. "To me, a winner is someone whorecognizes their God-given talents, workshis tail off to develop them into skills, anduses those skills to accomplish his goals.Even when I lost, I learned what myweaknesses were and I went out the nextday to turn those weaknesses intostrengths."
Author: Larry Bird
4. "And though I have done many shameful things, I am not ashamed of who I am. I am not ashamed of who I am because I know who I am. I have tried to rip myself open and expose everything inside - accepting my weaknesses and strengths - not trying to be anyone else. 'Cause that never works, does it?So my challenge is to be authentic. An I believe I am today. I believe I am."
Author: Nic Sheff
5. "I think I'm good at amplifying an actor's strengths, and minimizing their weaknesses. And they all have strengths and weaknesses."
Author: Steven Soderbergh
6. "Get close to someone and you're sure to see their weaknesses. Love them through it and you'll see their strengths."
Author: Thomas Blevins

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Quotes About Weaknesses And Strengths
Quotes About Weaknesses And Strengths
Quotes About Weaknesses And Strengths

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