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1. "Tristan stepped away from me. "No, Robbie, listen. If there were any other way to turn off her programming, I would tell you. Lisa wants to know what she really feels, free of the programming, and I think we should help her. The pills will still keep her a bit compliant until we get her weaned off of them, but at least we can turn off her compulsion to please me sexually. Then she can really choose who she loves."
Author: A. Violet End
2. "He looks as though he's been weaned on a pickle."
Author: Alice Roosevelt Longworth
3. "After three days, Blake was weaned off the drugs that kept him asleep. Told he could wake at any moment, everyone but Livia was concerned. They all found time to try to prepare Livia for the worst. Each time she would listen, thank them for their concerns, and turn back to Blake with a smile.They couldn't feel the tingling. But she could."
Author: Debra Anastasia
4. "This is a generation weaned on Watergate, and there is no presumption of innocence and no presumption of good intentions. Instead, there is a presumption that, without relentless scrutiny, the government will misbehave."
Author: Dee Dee Myers
5. "I wasn't sure it was right to abandon myself to lighthearted banter, to allow someone to interfere with my being able to behave in whatever way I chose, whenever I wanted. What if I wanted to enjoy a memory or a good cry? I wasn't weaned from that yet; I wasn't finished being with him in the only way I had left."
Author: Elizabeth Berg
6. "A child weaned on poison considers harm a comfort."
Author: Gillian Flynn
7. "Here is this vast, savage, howling mother of ours, Nature, lying all around, with such beauty, and such affection for her children, as the leopard; and yet we are so early weaned from her breast to society, to that culture which is exclusively an interaction of man on man -- a sort of breeding in and in, which produces at most a merely English nobility, a civilization destined to have a speedy limit."
Author: Henry David Thoreau
8. "My father was weaned on books. I'm halfway between being weaned on books and weaned on television. And if you're weaned on television, you're not as good a writer as if you were weaned on books."
Author: James Burrows
9. "Young people," McDonald said contemptuously. "You always think there's something to find out.""Yes, sir," Andrews said."Well, there's nothing," McDonald said. "You get born, and you nurse on lies, and you get weaned on lies, and you learn fancier lies in school. You live all your life on lies, and then maybe when you're ready to die, it comes to you — that there's nothing, nothing but yourself and what you could have done. Only you ain't done it, because the lies told you there was something else. Then you know you could of had the world, because you're the only one that knows the secret; only then it's too late. You're too old.""No," Andrews said. A vague terror crept from the darkness that surrounded them, and tightened his voice. "That's not the way it is.""You ain't learned, then," McDonald said. "You ain't learned yet. . . ."
Author: John Edward Williams
10. "I was weaned on chicken-fried steak and hominy grits with goopy gravy all over. I loved meat and wore fur."
Author: Kathy Freston
11. "Thus were we weaned to knowledge of the WillThat wills the natural world, but wills us dead."
Author: Louis MacNeice
12. "...and clung more closely to the dear human love, from which our Father never means us to be weaned, but through which He draws us closer to Himself."
Author: Louisa May Alcott
13. "We, unaccustomed to courageexiles from delightlive coiled in shells of lonelinessuntil love leaves its high holy templeand comes into our sightto liberate us into life.Love arrivesand in its train come ecstasiesold memories of pleasureancient histories of pain.Yet if we are bold,love strikes away the chains of fearfrom our souls.We are weaned from our timidityIn the flush of love's lightwe dare be braveAnd suddenly we seethat love costs all we areand will ever be.Yet it is only lovewhich sets us free."
Author: Maya Angelou
14. "For me, honestly, one of the first movies I did I was always pounding coffee, and I crashed so horribly. So I've kind of weaned myself off. You keep getting second and third winds. But for me, I've stopped doing energy drinks or any kind of stimulant. I just kind of go natural."
Author: Nick Swardson
15. "An old expression--'she looks like she was weaned on a pickle'--came to my mind."
Author: Pepper Phillips
16. "I cannot be weaned/Off the earth's long contour, her river-veins."
Author: Seamus Heaney
17. "As a result of half a century of Soviet rule people have been weaned from a belief in human kindness."
Author: Svetlana Alliluyeva
18. "I weaned myself on the nostalgia equivalent of methadone (less addictive, less obvious, less likely to make you crazy): missing what I had never had."
Author: Tana French
19. "There are souls, he thought, whose umbilicus has never been cut. They never got weaned from the universe. They do not understand death as an enemy; they look forward to rotting and turning into humus."
Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
20. "Her concern with landscapes and living creatures was passionate. This concern, feebly called, "the love of nature" seemed to Shevek to be something much broader than love. There are souls, he thought, whose umbilicus has never been cut. They never got weaned from the universe. They do not understand death as an enemy; they look forward to rotting and turning into humus. It was strange to see Takver take a leaf into her hand, or even a rock. She became an extension of it, it of her."
Author: Ursula K. Le Guin

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