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1. "Question: Which Mediterranean government shares all of Ronald Reagan's views on international terrorism, the present danger of Soviet advance, the hypocrisy of the United Nations, the unreliability of Europe, the perfidy of the Third World and the need for nuclear defense policy? Question: Which Mediterranean government is Ronald Reagan trying, with the help of George Shultz and Caspar Weinberger, to replace with a government led by a party which professes socialism and which contains extreme leftists?If you answered 'the government of Israel' to both of the above, you know more about political and international irony than the President does."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
2. "I think you will find scientists that think like you in Germany and Britain, and you will find politicians that think like Weinberger. I think the most bellicose ruling group in the Western world at the moment is the British."
Author: E. P. Thompson
3. "Avrà magari ragione il professor Weinberger a sperare che <> finisca per essere più intelligente di noi, ma la storia ideologica del XX secolo è purtroppo piena di esempi in cui individui e teorie <> hanno poi innescato conformismi, deprimenti in democrazia, tragici nei sistemi totalitari."
Author: Gianni Riotta
4. "O love is to battle, if two kiss the world changes, desires take flesh thoughts take flesh, wings sprout on the backs of the slave, the world is real and tangible, wine is wine, bread regains its savor, water is water, to love is to battle, to open doors, to cease to be a ghost with a number forever in chains, forever condemned by a faceless master; the world changes if two look at each other and seePiedra de Sol (The Sun Stone), translated by Eliot Weinberger"
Author: Octavio Paz

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