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1. "Ergenlik suçlamalari,boyutlari ne olursa olsun,insanligin çektigi acilarin karmasikligini bir anda ortadan kaldiri veriyordu.Eger ergenlik suçlamasini edebiyat yapitlarina uyarlayacak olsaydik,dünya üzerindeki bütün edebiyat elestirmenleri islerinden olurdu.Hamlet'in,Raskolnikov'un ve Genç Werther'in sirri neydi?Erganlik bunalimlari tabi.Peki ya Don Quixote veya Humbert Humbert?Onda ne var canim,yanit:Orta yas bunalimlari.Öyleyse zavalli Anna Karenina'yi nasil açiklamaliydi?Yanit gayet baitti: regl öncesi sendromu,bir de fazla salgilanan hormonlar."
Author: Alain De Botton
2. "The readers who commited suicide after reading 'Werther' were not ideal but merely sentimental readers."
Author: Alberto Manguel
3. "Oh, that's typical of you modern young men; you've nibbled at science and it's made you ill, because you've not been able to satisfy that old craving for the absolute that you absorbed in your nurseries. You'd like science to give you all the answers at one go, whereas we're only just beginning to understand it, and it'll probably never be anything but an eternal quest. And so you repudiate science, you fall back on religion, and religion won't have you any more. Then you relapse into pessimism...Yes, it's the disease of our age, of the end of the century: you're all inverted Werthers."
Author: Émile Zola
4. "Cel care scrie a doua oara Werther este un farseur care stie Werther pe dinafara si-l transcrie, din memorie. Asa si situatia literara a României: repeta, mai prost."
Author: Eugène Ionesco
5. "Charlotte'in da çok keyif aldigi ve kitaplar üzerine yaptiklari uzun sohbetler Werther'in yakici askini beslemekte ve acilarina aci katmaktadir."
Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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Quotes About Werther
Quotes About Werther

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