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1. "What kind of dining set defines me as a person?"
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
2. "What's an "Animus"?' asked Mad Dog.Literally, it means "animating spirit" – that's the essence of your core being, the spirit that defines you as a person,' answered Yazuki. 'But it can also mean "animosity" which is why the animal shadows only usually come out in confrontational situations. For centuries, Ninja have looked to the earth for inspiration in ways to live and fight. This is why you see us all giving off animal shadows. We each study the species that mean most to us. We each have an "Animus" that is unique..."
Author: Jane Prowse
3. "What defines me as a person? A dictionary."
Author: Jarod Kintz
4. "The gospel of submission, commitment, decision, and victorious living is not good news about what God has achieved but a demand to save ourselves with God's help. Besides the fact that Scripture never refers to the gospel as having a personal relationship with Jesus nor defines faith as a decision to ask Jesus to come into our heart, this concept of salvation fails to realize that everyone has a personal relationship with God already: either as a condemned criminal standing before a righteous judge or as a justified coheir with Christ and adopted child of the Father."
Author: Michael S. Horton

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Quotes About What Defines A Person
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And as he watched them walk out of the orphanage, Thomas Carter would think of their lives as the blank pages of a book in which he had written the initial chapters of a story he would never be allowed to finish."
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