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1. "DAD: Why didn't you say this when it happened?ME: It's complicated.Don't they know that regret begets regret begets regret?DR. B: Vera, you need to answer the question.ME: Because I loved Charlie too much.DAD: Loved him?DR. B: Is that all?ME: Because I hated Charlie too much."
Author: A.S. King
2. "It;s all gone. My life is all gone and I can't work out why. I keep looking back over my life...and I can't work out where it all went so wrong. What I did to make this happen."
Author: Dorothy Koomson
3. "After the small woman had left, Ushikawa stared at the door for the longest time. She had shut the door behind her, but there was still a strong sense of her in the room. Maybe in exchange for leaving a trace of herself behind, she had taken away a part of Ushikawa's soul. He could feel that new void within his chest. Why did this happen? he wondered, finding it odd. And what could it possibly mean?"
Author: Haruki Murakami
4. "Can you put your hands on my crotch?""Why, hell no, I cannot." I didn't remember anything like this happening in Pride and Prejudice."
Author: Jennifer Echols
5. "Benedict, it is true I cannot accept any future you have offered me. We both know why." Except he didn't, but he said nothing and she continued. "But I would be lying if I told you that I didn't still…think of you. Of us." He stared. Was this happening? Was she truly saying these things after three years of polite distance and pretending to be friends? "You do," he said, flat and emotionless for he feared revealing too much. She nodded. "It seems there is unfinished business between us. On both sides. And since everything is about to change, I wonder if we should resolve that business, if only so it won't haunt us." "What are you saying?" he asked softly. She swallowed and her voice trembled as she whispered, "Be with me again."
Author: Jess Michaels
6. "If our testimonies are strong onthis point and if we feel the absolute assurance that God loves us, we will change our questons. We won't ask, 'Why did this happen?' or 'Why doesn't God care about me?' Instead, our questions will become, 'What can I learn from this experience?' or 'How does the Lord want me to handle this?"
Author: John Bytheway
7. "Once I have a hook I think has potential - enough to spin out more than a hundred thousand words, then I start turning my attention to characters. Who are these people? Why did this thing happen to them? But the hook always comes first."
Author: Linwood Barclay
8. "Why didn't we do this then? Probably because we had class on Monday morning. But I wish we had taken that ferry when we had the chance. What was the worst thing that could have happened? We would have missed class."
Author: Matthew Quick
9. "Don't cry.""How can I not?" I asked him. "You just said you loved me.""Well, why else did you think all of this was happening?" He set the book aside to wrap his arms around me. "The Furies wouldn't be trying to kill you if I didn't love you.""I didn't know," I said. Tears were trickling down my cheeks, but I did nothing to try to stop them. His shirt was absorving most of them. "You never said anything about it. Every time I saw you, you just acted so... wild.""How was I supposed to act?" he asked. "You kept doing things like throwing tea in my face."
Author: Meg Cabot
10. "Why did this keep happening? Why her? Perhaps there was some pheromone certain people omitted, perceivable only on a wavelength unique to those individuals who preyed on them."
Author: Nenia Campbell
11. "Why didn't you guess this would happen?" Elayne demanded.He looked at her, expressionless. One side of his mouth twitched up, then he pulled his hat down, shading his eyepatch."Light," Elayne said. "You knew. You spent this whole week planning with us, and you knew the entire time you'd throw it out with the dishwater."
Author: Robert Jordan
12. "What Dad taught me above all else, and did so utterly unconsciously, was why people like him became Tories. He had been poor. He was working class. He aspired to be middle class. He worked hard, made it on his merits, and wanted his children to do even better than him. He thought – as did many others of his generation – that the logical outcome of this striving, born of this attitude, was to be a Tory. Indeed, it was part of the package. You made it; you were a Tory: two sides of the same coin. It became my political ambition to break that connection, and replace it with a different currency. You are compassionate; you care about those less fortunate than yourself; you believe in society as well as the individual. You can be Labour. You can be successful and care; ambitious and compassionate; a meritocrat and a progressive. These are entirely compatible ways of making sure progress happens; and they answer the realistic, not utopian, claims of human nature."
Author: Tony Blair

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