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1. "Escort service," Puck replied, shifting to the side so that Twiggs could get a clear viewof me. Those beady eyes fixed on me, blinking in confusion. Then, suddenly, they gothuge and round, as Twiggs looked back at Puck."Is…is that…?""It is.""Does she…?""No.""Oh, my." Twiggs opened the door wide, beckoning with a sticklike arm."
Author: Julie Kagawa
2. "In addition, Dr. Dannyboy has suggested a fifth element: positive thinking. Pointing out that their breathing, bathing, dining and screwing brought Alobar and Kudra much physical pleasure, and that an organism steeped in pleasure is an organism disposed to continue, he has said that the will to live cannot be overestimated as a stimulant to longevity. Indeed Dr. Dannyboy goes so far as to claim that ninety percent of all deaths are suicides. Persons, says Wiggs, who lack curiosity about life, who find minimal joy in existence, are all too willing, subconsciously, to cooperate with- and attract- disease, accident and violence."
Author: Tom Robbins

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Quotes About Wiggs

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She stared at the dark shimmer of glass that faced the street. The Clares never pulled curtains. They were comftorable with the dark. But there was another kind of dark. The darkness of minds full of hate."
Author: Caroline B. Cooney

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