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1. "I suppose it's too bad people can't be a little more consistent. But if they were, maybe they would stop being people."
Author: Budd Schulberg
2. "Our calling is not primarily to be holy women, but to work for God and for others with Him."
Author: Charles Simeon
3. "Morning.""What do you think you're doing?""Hey, you aren't the only one who had a bad night. Fourth grade is rough. I had two hours of homework."
Author: Colleen Hoover
4. "A person, who no matter how desperate the situation, gives others hope, is a true leader."
Author: Daisaku Ikeda
5. "He walked among the bookstore shelves, hearing Muzak in the air. There were rows of handsome covers, prosperous and assured. He felt a fine excitement, hefting a new book, fitting hand over sleek spine, seeing lines of type jitter past his thumb as he let the pages fall. He was a young man, shrewd in his fervors, who knew there were books he wanted to read and others he absolutely had to own, the ones that gesture in special ways, that have a rareness or daring, a charge of heat that stains the air around them."
Author: Don DeLillo
6. "We are women.   We believe in love and goodness and the kindness of others above all things.  We are hard-wired to blame ourselves for things that other people do, even the bad, evil ones.  That's why we're so good at compassion.  It's also why we're our own worst enemies sometimes."
Author: Elle Casey
7. "The first cut wasn't the deepest. No, not at all. It was like all the others, a subtle rend of anxious skin, a gentle pulse of crimson, just enough to hush the demons shrieking inside my brain. But this time they wouldn't shut up. Just kept on howling, like Mama, when she was in a bad way. Worst thing was, the older I got, the more I began to see how much I resembled Mama, falling in and out of blue, then lifting up into the white. That day I actually thought about howling. So I gave myself to the knife, asked it to bite a little harder, chew a little deeper. The hot, scarlet rush felt so delicious I couldn't stop there. The blade might have reached bone, but my little brother, Bryan, barged into the bathroom, found me leaning against Grandma's new porcelain tub, turning its unstained white pink. You should have heard him scream."
Author: Ellen Hopkins
8. "I like what I like, I don't like what I don't like, and I'm very bad at toning myself down."
Author: James Vincent McMorrow
9. "My view is there's no bad time to innovate."
Author: Jeff Bezos
10. "He who cannot endure the bad will not live to see the good."
Author: Jennifer Donnelly
11. "I agree that it is not just the extremists who harbor bad thoughts or engage in bad acts, but they are usually the source of the polarization and try to keep education and communication of the main stream from moving forward."
Author: Joichi Ito
12. "Ever hurt so bad you want to scream ... or scream so much it hurts."
Author: Kav
13. "God, he looked good. Up close, from a distance, it didn't matter. The boy didn't have a bad side."
Author: Linda Kage
14. "When it's pouring rain and you're bowling along through the wet, there's satisfaction in knowing you're out there and the others aren't."
Author: Peter Snell
15. "Uh-huh. You know with that sinister tone you should look into working for the IRS. I'm sure they're desperate for people who can cow others with a single growl. (Susan)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
16. "And I never felt that good in my life. But I also felt bad because I saw her naked without her permission."
Author: Stephen Chbosky

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