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1. "They will be like shadows, they will be like wraiths, gray members of a congregation of nightmare; hark! his long wavering howl . . . an aria of fear made audible. The wolfsong is the sound of the rending you will suffer, in itself a murdering."
Author: Angela Carter
2. "In innocence, she'll light the fireAnd set ablaze the fun'ral pyreAnd one shall rise and one shall fall,By hand of she who'll lead them all.Marked twice by beast in time of rage,And born again as the Wolfsmage.A house of magic be undoneBy she who can remake the sun."
Author: Cyrese Covelli
3. "Nolly Wolfstan, private detective, had the teeth of a god and a face so unfortunate that it argued convincingly against the existence of a benign deity."
Author: Dean Koontz
4. "They had picked up Julie's scent hit wolfsbane lost her and found her trail again at the crumbling Highway 23 except it was two hours old and mixed with horse scents. She was hitchhiking. Great. Awesome. At least she always carried a knife with her. When I relayed this to Curran he shrugged and said, "If she kills anybody we'll make it go away."
Author: Ilona Andrews
5. "Ali wrinkled her forehead and cocked her head to the side. Clearly, she hadn't prepared herself for me to be pleasant. After a moment, her eyes narrowed. "What exactly did you and Lake did yesterday?" she asked, like we might have held up a gas station and gone on a crime spree across the country, all in the span of just a few hours."We went to Mexico, had some tequila, eloped with a pair of drug smugglers, and took part-time jobs as exotic dancers. You know, same old, same old."Ali snorted."I'm torn on stripper names. It's either going to be Lady Love or Wolfsbane Lane. Thoughts?"Ali threw a onesie at me. "Brat."
Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
6. "Remember, this thing is small. It's not like the wolfships. It'll ride over the waves, not crash through them. So we're safe as houses."He wasn't sure about the last two statements, but they seemed logical to him."
Author: John Flanagan
7. "Stig: 'Of course, she'll sail rings around Wolfswind,'Hal: 'Then why didn't you tell him that?'Stig: 'I like my head where it is."
Author: John Flanagan
8. "I'll find you, Will!"Then the wind filled the big, square sail of the wolfship and she heeled away from the shore, moving faster and faster towards the northeast. For a long time after she'd dropped below the horizon, the sodden figure sat there, his horse chest-deep in the rolling waves, staring after the ship. And his lips still moved, in a silent promis only he could hear."
Author: John Flanagan
9. "I loved this book the wolfs rain it inspierd me very much thank u"
Author: Keiko Nobumoto
10. "I don't set myself targets. Last season I scored hat-trick against Wolfsburg and three days later, that was forgotten, you're about to be judged again. When you've done well, you don't want another game, you just want to feel great. When you've done badly, you can't wait for another chance to come."
Author: Michael Owen
11. "Now, though, I must rent a movie.""You're going to do that?""Of course. I'm a werewolf, not a cretin. We have Blockbuster cards."It blew my mind. Werewolfs rented DVDs. At my local Blockbuster."
Author: Shannon Delany
12. "Our national emblem has four lions but unfortunately we have highlighted more lambs and wolfs than real lions of our country."
Author: Sharad Vivek Sagar
13. "In my day we let the wolfswans incapable of birthing our young die. (Markus)Then it's a good thing we're in the twenty-first century and not the Dark Ages, isn't it? (Fang)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

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