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1. "Man is a moral animal abandoned in an amoral universe and condemned to a finite existence with no other prupose than to perpetuate the natural cycle of the species."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
2. "The idea was to have a basin inverted on his head and his hair cut to the shape of it. Skill and money were not needed. Then the idea grew that it was more convenient to leave the basin on his head. Stray thoughts were trimmed along with stray hair; brain-vines, tentacles of thought, were not encouraged to wander. Then, in the interests of human economy, the head of adaptable man became a basin of uniform shape—a basin, a crash helmet. Safe at last; no more thought-cuts."
Author: Janet Frame
3. "As she left her parents' neighborhood, the houses got newer and bigger and boxier. Through windows with no mullions or fake plastic mullions she could see luminous screens, some giant, some miniature. Evidently every hour of the year, including this one, was a good hour for staring at a screen."
Author: Jonathan Franzen
4. "Day drag." Ashley answered simply. "The sun turns vampires into dust and drag queens into this." He motioned with his hand down his body."
Author: Kyle Adams
5. "I have managed not to finish certain books. With barely a twinge of conscience, I hurl down what bores me or doesn't give what I crave: ecstasy, transcendence, a thrill of mysterious connection. For, more than anything else, readers are thrill-seekers, though I don't read thrillers, not the kind sold under that label, anyway. They don't thrill; only language thrills."
Author: Lynne Sharon Schwartz
6. "Birds don't need bridges to cross precipices and honourable men with honesty wings to cross precipices of slander."
Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
7. "Scheide,'Noah said.I decided to give the drink another shot. 'What does that mean?' I asked, then sipped.'Vagina'I almost choked, and covered my mouth with my hand."
Author: Michelle Hodkin
8. "I'm half Italian.""Which half?" the words were out before Tessa could stop them. Was she flirting with him? She never flirted with men. His lips curved in a slow, sexy smile that made her heart trip. "From the waist down."
Author: Pamela Clare
9. "On adultery: "Why fool around with hamburger when you have steak at home?"
Author: Paul Newman
10. "When we hit a nail with a hammer the whole of the shock received by the large head of the nail passes into a point without any of it being lost, although it is only a point. If the hammer and head of the nail were infinitely big, if would be just the same; the point of the nail would transmit this infinite shock at the point to which it was applied. Extreme affliction, which means physical pain, distress of the soul, and social degradation all at the same time, is a nail whose point is applied at the very center of the soul, whose head is all necessity, spreading throughout space and time"
Author: Simone Weil

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Quotes About Working With Idiots
Quotes About Working With Idiots
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