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1. "Um,i'm going shopping for a dress for the Homecoming Dance with Miranda,Wyatt and Leif."Dank chuckled."So,Leif's wearing a dress?"
Author: Abbi Glines
2. "Wyatt had planned a romantic evening and he'd been teasing her with little notes for weeks that left hints about what they would be doing. I walked into Miranda's bedroom and she'd taken all those notes off her mirror and had them on her bed in a circle around her. The bear he'd given her last year was sitting in her lap and the necklaced she'd saved so long for was in her hand. She was rubbing the smooth diamond as she stared at the notes in front of her."
Author: Abbi Glines
3. "Leif's frown eased and he slid his finger under my chin and gently caressed my jaw line with the pad of his thumb."Pagan,will you do me the honor of being my date for Homecoming Dance?The prospect of not being able to hold you in my arms all night is heartbreaking."Mirand sighed from across the table."Okay,that was beautiful.Why didn't you ask me like that?"she asked Wyatt.Wyatt shot Leif an annoyed frown."Thanks,buddy.Next time you decide to break out your romantic side,could you do it alone?"
Author: Abbi Glines
4. "The thing about Sarah was, she always did what I wanted her to do. Always. And that was because she was me, and I was her. She never disappointed me. She always showed up. Wyatt disappointed me precisely because he was real. He was a real boy who could not climb my tower in the slippery rain."
Author: Alex Flinn
5. "She smiled. "I know, this is a place where one employs nothing but aristocrats for the lousiest kinds of jobs.""They're all aristocrats, that's true," said Wyatt, "because they know that there's no such thing as a lousy job--only lousy men who don't care to do it."
Author: Ayn Rand
6. "One of the liabilities of being a deep thinker, Wyatt mused, was that it left him vulnerable to existential crises."
Author: Bridie Clark
7. "Her heartbeat began to pound faster. Thirteen's eyes were sweeping over her body. A slow, deliberate glance. "Can he—can he see through the mirror?" His gaze felt like a hot touch on her skin."Of course not" was Dr. Wyatt's instant response. The doc sounded annoyed with her.Her shoulders relaxed.Subject Thirteen smiled.Damn."
Author: Cynthia Eden
8. "You can easily find out her real name and address with your hacker skills, and I'll just pop out to Cleveland or wherever and kill her. That way she won't beat you anymore at your game. I'll let you choose whether I Own her or not, and how slowly and painfully you want her to die. I'll bring home a trophy for you to display so everyone will see how much I care for you." I looked around his place. "A garland with her teeth maybe, or her scalp if she has nice hair."Wyatt made a kind of gurgling sound. "Sam. You're joking aren't you? In that weird way you do sometimes? You can't just kill her. I want to beat her at the game, not physically harm her person. I'll work on my technique and I'll win eventually."Why would he want to do that? This idea was growing on me. What boyfriend wouldn't want a garland of teeth?"
Author: Debra Dunbar
9. "I kissed him, and even though it hurt my mouth, I didn't mind; Wyatt's kisses were worth suffering over."
Author: Dia Reeves
10. "The red color infesting Wyatt's lure spread like licks of flame until the entire stretch of rattling glass was full of bloody-colored pinwheels throbbing like sick, misshapen hearts."
Author: Dia Reeves
11. "WYATT: What kind of sound waves?DR. BAZELON: Tapes of the cries of baby mice. This sound reaches a level of forty thousand cycles per second. It's the purest thing in nature."
Author: Don DeLillo
12. "...big as a horse turd floating in a milk shake."Wyatt Dixson"
Author: James Lee Burke
13. "Romeo laughed harder. "Lady doctors?""Wyatt calls 'em that." Jules giggled. "Poor fella, stuck with me for a twin. He's been hearing 'bout hormones and period problems since he was fourteen. He's got to have some defense mechanism against all of it.""I think he has hormone problems," Romeo said with a frown. "He was definitely menstruating yesterday."
Author: Kele Moon
14. "Wyatt gave him a look, making it obvious he thought Clay had lost his mind. "You telling me you think a piece of pie's gonna fix my problems?""Why not?" Clay laughed. "Fixed mine."
Author: Kele Moon
15. "Wyatt didn't want it, but without his permission, his heart started beating again. It had always beat for Tabitha."
Author: Kele Moon
16. "Wyatt paused, wondering if it was protocol to apologise that his sibling was a little less shot up than theirs was."
Author: Kele Moon
17. "Wyatt knew with absolute conviction Clay didn't mean it. They didn't suffer through two very painful concussions together to walk the other way once they'd healed up. Those were battle wounds. It was like surviving a war together. Wyatt just chose to forget they'd been on opposing sides. He knew Clay was supposed to be his best friend. It felt like destiny. Just like he knew he was supposed to grow up, be sheriff, and marry Tabitha McMillen."
Author: Kele Moon
18. "I smiled at him. Not even Wyatt would have known how to be this honorable when talking about a girl that had hurt him."
Author: Laura Anderson Kurk
19. "Every moment of our lives we make choices. Most we don't even know we're making, they're so dull or routine or automatic. Some are beyond explanation—like my mom choosing Wyatt's memory over Dad and me."
Author: Laura Anderson Kurk
20. "My mom told me once that Wyatt loved her the way a boy will love his mother, but I loved her the way an artist loves another. Jo taught me what that meant."
Author: Laura Anderson Kurk
21. "Wyatt told me once that if tenderness were a disease, I'd be terminal."
Author: Laura Anderson Kurk
22. "I worried I would miss it, and I knew, from losing Wyatt, that things happen the moment the soul is released. Wyatt had been there in the school, watching me, making sure I survived. Souls linger…they do. They linger a bit before they turn toward eternity. It could be that no matter how perfect their future will be, the past still tugs for a moment."
Author: Laura Anderson Kurk
23. "Is it time for your period, or something?" With unerring instinct, he'd found a great big red button, and pushed it. Wyatt fights to win, which means he fights dirty. I understand the concept because that's how I fight, too, but understanding it didn't stop me from reacting. I could practically feel my blood bubbling with steam. "What?" He turned around, all controlled aggression, and damned if he didn't push the button again. "What is it about having a period that makes women so bitchy?" ... It was an effort, but I said as sweetly as possible, "It isn't that we're bitchier, it's that having a period makes us feel all tired and achy, so we have less tolerance for all the bullshit we normally SUFFER IN SILENCE." By the time the sentence ended the sweetness was long gone, my jaw was clenched, and I think my eyes were bugging out. Wyatt took a step back, belatedly looking alarmed."
Author: Linda Howard
24. "The Georgian had used more words in 5 minutes than Wyatt had spoken during 1872 and 1873 combined."
Author: Mary Doria Russell
25. "Doc seemed to gather himself to say something important, and spoke as firmly as he could, though his voice was somewhere between a whisper and a whine. "Wyatt, I cannot make you another denture. No more fights. You get that mad again, shoot the bastard. Promise me."
Author: Mary Doria Russell
26. "You accidentally punched him?" Wyatt asked, suppressing a chuckle. "I'm not sure you have a full understanding of the whole bodyguard thing."
Author: Michael J. Sullivan
27. "But I also enjoy music outside the band. I've been doing production for other people, including Robert Wyatt. Check him out. The album we did together, 'Rock Bottom,' I think it's really lasted well. It's a 35-year-old album, but it worked."
Author: Nick Mason
28. "No one has deputized America to play Wyatt Earp to the world."
Author: Pat Buchanan
29. "Just try it," he murmurs, reaching over to cover my hand gently.And I think, Whoa, that's never happened before!Then: Is he just doing that because he thinks Wyatt is interested?And, finally, this: Who the hell cares?!"
Author: Rusty Fischer
30. "I began praying for the health and safety of my boys before each one was born. Once a week for two years prior to Joseph's death, I also gathered with other moms to pray for my sons and their schools, and I specifically asked God to protect the health and safety of Joseph, Curt, and Wyatt. My prayers were not answered the way I had hoped. Despite countless prayers for Joseph to be safe, God said no. His plan remains a mystery. I have had to accept that mystery and trust Him in the dark."
Author: Shelley Ramsey
31. "You planning on getting in our way again when we take him down? (Justin)Boy, you better take that tone and flush it. I'm not a Squire you're talking to; I happen to be one of the guys you answer to. It ain't none of your damned business why I'm going. You just don't move until I tell you to or I'm going to show you how I once made Wyatt Earp piss his drawers. (Jess)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
32. "Whoever it was, whether I knew them or not, if I could help in some way, I would. I mean, if you can help, you have to help. Don't you think? - Poppy Wyatt"
Author: Sophie Kinsella
33. "You're a big man," she murmured."Compliments will get you everywhere. And I mean that literally."~Wyatt"
Author: Sydney Croft
34. "You're a pain in the ass," she said, and suddenly, the loofah brush whacked her on the butt. She yelped and leaped forward, nearly smashing into Wyatt."What the hell was that for?""You threatened to kill me and you're outraged that I gave you a little spanking?"~Faith/Wyatt"
Author: Sydney Croft
35. "This can't happen again, Wyatt. We're done. It's over."A palm slapped against the door, right next to her head, so hard she jumped."I don't think so.""If you think I can spend the next thirteen days seeing you, hearing you, smelling you"--he inhaled deeply and growled a little--"without touching you, you're very, very mistaken.""It's not over, Faith. It's just begun."~Wyatt"
Author: Sydney Croft
36. "I'm not sure of anything," he admitted."But I didn't mean to freak you out before. I just can't seem to keep my hands off you. I don't want to keep my hands off you."~Wyatt"
Author: Sydney Croft
37. "We have'nt had enough time to explore each other.," he murmured against her lips."We're going to do that soon.""But right now, I'm going to make you scream my name.""Cocky bast--"He cut her off with a kiss, took her mouth like he was on a mission.~Wyatt"
Author: Sydney Croft
38. "Her voice quavered humiliatingly. "Fuck you.""Been there, done that, and we'll do it again. But first you'll tell me what you're concealing."~Wyatt"
Author: Sydney Croft
39. "Hell? Baby, you have no idea what hell is. Hell is when someone you trusted takes your worst fears and makes them come true. Hell is being stuck inside your own head because no one cares enough to help you get out. Hell," he rasped next to her ear, "is being dead inside a body that still works."~Wyatt"
Author: Sydney Croft
40. "Whoso List to HuntWhoso list to hunt, I know where is an hind, But as for me, helas! I may no more. The vain travail hath worried me so sore, I am of them that furthest come behind. Yet may I by no means, my worried mind Draw from the deer; but as she fleeth afore Fainting I follow. I leave off therefore, Since in a net I seek to hold the wind. Who list her hunt, I put him out of doubt, As well as I, may spend his time in vain; And graven in diamonds in letters plain There is written, her fair neck round about, "Noli me tangere, for Caesar's I am,And wild to hold, though I seem tame." Sir Thomas Wyatt"
Author: Thomas Wyatt
41. "Wyatt was, in fact, finding the Christian system suspect. Memory of his fourth birthday party still weighted in his mind. It had been planned cautiously by Aunt May, to the exact number of hats and favors and portions of cake. One guest, no friend to Wyatt (from a family "less fortunate than we are"), showed up with a staunchly party-bent brother. (Not only no friend: a week before he had challenged Wyatt through the fence behind the carriage barn with —Nyaa nyaa, suckinyerma's ti-it-ty…) Wyatt was taken to a dark corner, where he later reckoned all Good works were conceived, and told that it was the Christian thing to surrender his portion. So he entered his fifth year hatless among crepe-paper festoons, silent amid snapping crackers, empty of Christian love for the uninvited who asked him why he wasn't having any cake."
Author: William Gaddis

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