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1. "This place is in my heart, but it can't be my home, not now, maybe not ever..." - Samuel Yates"
Author: Amy Harmon
2. "I like big doses of grief when I read: Richard Yates, Flannery O'Connor, Kenzabaro Oe, Thomas Bernhard."
Author: Ben Marcus
3. "This is the way it was in Yates County. Bald Girls. Wild boys formed from math. Geniuses all around, just waiting to be discovered, or waiting to rot in trailers behind their parents' barns, die penniless, mourned only by the Amish from whom they bought all those eggs."
Author: Lydia Netzer
4. "Charlotte Yates didn't especially care for music. All that abstract mooning about. Words, that was what moved people. A good play was worth a thousand symphonies."
Author: Magnus Flyte
5. "Charlotte Yates loved humanity with all her heart, but she really had to draw the line at individuals. For the most part they were incredibly stupid, clumsy, selfish, and criminally shortsighted. Look, for instance, at who they voted for."
Author: Magnus Flyte
6. "I love Richard Yates, his work, and the novel, Revolutionary Road. It's a devastating novel."
Author: Michael Chabon
7. "As a writer, I like the list of "things to strive for" that Richard Yates kept above his typewriter:genuine claritygenuine feelingthe right wordthe exact English sentencethe eloquent detailthe rigorous dramatization of story"
Author: Richard Yates

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