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1. "Hypocrisy is not a way of getting back to the moral high ground. Pretending you're moral, saying your moral is not the same as acting morally."
Author: Alan Dershowitz
2. "(Man, I wish life had emoticons, you know? So that when your dad pisses you off you could like click a mental button or something and just show him one of those rolleyes. That would rock)Anyway."
Author: Barry Lyga
3. "Never depend on those luck moments – they are gifts – but instead always build your own back-up plan."
Author: Bear Grylls
4. "Want a reliable road to emotional and spiritual suicide? Spend your life trying to fit in."
Author: Brandon Mull
5. "So yesterday,' said Gabriel. 'Remember when I flipped your tray?''No. I forgot all about it.''Totally didn't know you'd have soup on there. Jesus, I didn't even know the cafeteria sold -"
Author: Brigid Kemmerer
6. "But men and women are different in the way that they feel loved. Men like to be admired for what they do, for their integrity and their accomplishments, whether it's at work or at the gym or mowing the lawn, because it makes them feel manly. When a woman tells a man that she is proud of him, or she tells him that he did a good job, he'll about bend over backwards to take care of her and love her." "But women like attention from men, because it makes them feel feminine and adored. That's why they're always fixin' themselves up, doing their hair, wearing pretty clothes and makeup and jewelry and perfume. It's all to attract your attention, you know." (Thelma Jenkins)"
Author: Carol McCormick
7. "It's the first thing I tell my students: If you could understand, really understand, that no one needs to read your work, then your writing would improve vastly by the time we meet in this classroom again."
Author: Dan Barden
8. "My mom is real passionate and a family-first woman. She always told me that just because I can shoot a basketball better than someone else, I shouldn't think that I'm better than them. I know if I change, my friends and family would lay me down. She just wants to see her kids do right."
Author: Derrick Rose
9. "Imagine you saw a colour in your dream, which you have never seen before. It doesn't consist of any colours or shades that you know. Trying to describe that colour would be as difficult as trying to belive that there is enough love & compassion in the world so every human can feel happiness."
Author: Egor Kraft
10. "I was with a friend of mine recently who was dying and while he was lying there with his family around his bed, I just knew that was it, that was the best you can hope for in life - to have your family and the people who love you around you at the end."
Author: Ewan McGregor
11. "To me the outdoors is what you must pass through in order to get from your apartment into a taxicab."
Author: Frances Ann Lebowitz
12. "Is, er, your friend a member of college staff?""No, Al's an artist. And, ah, he's my partner," Larry said. I like it when he calls me that.I don't think Matthew's mum liked it. "How...lovely. Is that how you met?"Larry said "Yes" just as I said, "No, we met when I was having a piss in an alley."
Author: J.L. Merrow
13. "Second, if you're the boss, just because they don't ask doesn't mean your employees don't have needs."
Author: James Levine
14. "When you Successfully create a world of your own, the world that you live in will instantaneously changes for ever ..."
Author: Jerril Thomas Abraham
15. "Maybe you've invested a lot of time, effort, money, emotion, and energy in a relationship; you did your best to make it work out. But for some reason, things got off course. And now you feel as though you have been robbed. When we focus on or disappointments, we stop God from ringing fresh new blessing into our lives."
Author: Joel Osteen
16. "Earth life is giant field day where we willingly choose the limitation of racing with both feet in a potato sack, or sometimes we join up with another and agree to the limitation of racing as a team where each person has one leg tied to the leg of the other....Agreeing to run a race with limitations or live a life with limitations doesn't mean you're slow, clumsy, or unenlightened. It just means you're showing up on field day, participating, and if you're really good, you try your best despite the obstacles."
Author: Kaya McLaren
17. "This year, as we celebrate the 230th anniversary of America's independence, please remember the symbols that are sacred to this country. Fly Old Glory high and show your respect and admiration for this great nation and the values we hold dear."
Author: Kenny Marchant
18. "To refer even in passing to unpublished or struggling authors and their problems is to put oneself at some risk, so I will say here and now that any unsolicited manuscripts or typescripts sent to me will be destroyed unread. You must make your way yourself. Why you should be so set on the nearly always disappointing profession is a puzzling question."
Author: Kingsley Amis
19. "We're at the opening of the Globe." She thought back to Daniel's words under the peach trees at Sword & Cross. "Daniel told me we were here.""Sure,you were here," Bill said. "About fourteen years ago.Perched on your older brother's shoulder. You came with your family to see Julius Caesar."Bill hovered in the air a foot in front of her. It was unappetizing, but the high collar around her neck actually seemed to hold its shape. She almost resembled the sumptuously dressed women in the higher boxes."And Daniel?" she asked."Daniel was a player-""Hey!""That's whay they called the actors." Bill rolled his eyes. "He was just starting out then. To everyone else in the audience, his debut was utterly forgettable. But to little three-year-old Lucinda"-Bill shrugged-"it put the fire in you. You've been quote-unquote dying to get onstage ever since.Tonight's your night.""I'm an actor?"
Author: Lauren Kate
20. "Can't go to bed, without a cup of tea, and maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep, and all those conversations are the secrets that I keep, though it makes to sense to me"
Author: Louis Tomlinson
21. "Many people say that recovery from an aneurysm is like having a layer of skin ripped off - your experience of life is more intense."
Author: Maryam D'Abo
22. "Skateboarding helps a ton with balance, precision, with air awareness... it gets your senses to be spot-on and it's also a great way to take my mind off things."
Author: Shaun White
23. "What sort of agreement?''A truth for a truth, a secret for a secret, until you feel that you hold enough of my life in your hands to trust me with yours."
Author: Suzanne Enoch

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Quotes About Your Family Dying
Quotes About Your Family Dying
Quotes About Your Family Dying

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