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1. "Zoroastrianism;"
Author: Franz Cumont
2. "Zoroastrianism is about the opposition of good and evil. For the triumph of good, we have to make a choice. We can enlist on the side of good by prospering, making money and using our wealth to help others."
Author: Rohinton Mistry
3. "Zoroastrianism? Oh, there's never been but a few hundred thousand of them at any one time, mostly located in Iran and India, but that's it. The one true faith. If you're not a Zoroastrian, I'm afraid you are bound for Hell."The man looked stunned and shocked. "It's not fair." The demon gave a mirthful laugh. "Well, it was fair when you were sending all the Chinese to Hell who had never heard of Jesus. Wasn't it?"
Author: Steven L. Peck

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Quotes About Zoroastrianism
Quotes About Zoroastrianism
Quotes About Zoroastrianism

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