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Author: Robert Browing Quotes

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Euripides Quotes

"Life has no blessing like a prudent friend."

David Fitzgerald Quotes

"If Jesus had been an actual historical figure we have a thorny paradox. Either this Jesus was a remarkable individual who said and did a host of amazing, revolutionary things "

Jodee Blanco Quotes

"....stood there and watched and didnt do a thing to help me."

Stephen Dillane Quotes

"I couldnt work my way into being a good-looking guy."

Tracie Bennett Quotes

"I used to be a major people pleaser, but that way purgatory lies."

Decimus Junius Juvenalis Quotes

"Fate would have no divinity if we were wise: it is we who make her a goddess and place her in heaven."

Jacobus Henricus Van T Hoff Quotes

"A famous name has this peculiarity that it becomes gradually smaller especially in natural sciences where each succeeding discovery invariably overshadows what precedes."

Jimmy Cliff Quotes

"I visit studios. Just to get the feel, the smell, and see what other people are doing. Not only listening to the radio, but going to studios, greeting musicians and artists, just getting a vibe."

Betty Buckley Quotes

"Feminism - the word - can give us a handle, a rallying point, a common ground, and help us build a bridge. Why not claim the gift of the word as a place to begin?"

David Storey Quotes

"The essence of true friendship is to make allowance for anothers little lapses."

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Quotes About Womens Rights In Afghanistan

"It is in line with the fundamental interests of the two peoples for China and Afghanistan to strengthen a strategic and cooperative partnership, which is also conducive to regional peace, stability and development." - Author: Zhou Yongkang

Quotes About Riflettere

"Un giorno pensai: io riuscirò a trovare qualcuno che mi ami al cento per cento per ogni giorno della vita. Lho deciso quando ero al quinto o al sesto anno di elementari.- Incredibile, - dissi ammirato. - E ci sei riuscita?- Beh, non è facile, - disse Midori. Poi restò qualche istante a riflettere, guardando il fumo. - Forse per via del fatto che ho aspettato tanto a lungo, io cerco qualcosa di assolutamente perfetto. Perciò non è facile." - Author: Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Things Never Working Out

"Then welcome, you poor things! Im so gald youre here! I never get to talk to anyone except when Im working, and then Im supposed to say things like, Woe is me and Beware and Uncle Rupert is going to die. And then they look at me like I have two heads, which I dont because Im not a troll , and they always say, Oh, no, the banshee is here! Do you know how that makes me feel? Every time I show up, people run screaming and warn everybody else that Im around. Believe me, Ive thought about staying home and sleeping late, but I cant because I care about people. Without me to warn them, people would die unexpectedly, and then where would their relatives be? When I tell them, they have time to make arrangments, say good-bye...you know-important things. Im actually a very nice person; its just that no one gives me a chance to prove it." - Author: E.D. Baker

Quotes About Mistrust Friends

"Changes in Relationship with others:It is especially hard to trust other people if you have been repeatedly abused, abandoned or betrayed as a child. Mistrust makes it very difficult to make friends, and to be able to distinguish between good and bad intentions in other people. Some parts do not seem to trust anyone, while other parts may be so vulnerable and needy that they do not pay attention to clues that perhaps a person is not trustworthy. Some parts like to be close to others or feel a desperate need to be close and taken care of, while other parts fear being close or actively dislike people. Some parts are afraid of being in relationships while others are afraid of being rejected or criticized. This naturally sets up major internal as well as relational conflicts." - Author: Suzette Boon

Quotes About Eating Well

"I was still a newlywed and certainly wasnt to the point where I felt comfortable yelling, "Im going to shit my pants any second!"But the sweating had started, which was followed by the tears. "Im not feeling well, and need to get home," I told him."Ok, but I have to obey the speed limit because of all the kids in the neighborhood," he replied.I was pleading with him to hurry up when he came to a complete stop.I screamed at him, "Why are we stopping?"He rolled down the window. "Retreat."I could see the flag lowering in the distance, the beautiful orange sun setting behind it.In the opposite direction I could see the roof line of our home - so close, yet so far away.As Retreat played, I surrendered. I pooped my pants. I took one for the flag.Now thats patriotism." - Author: Mollie Gross

Quotes About Divorced

"It is not man who is the enemy of the human species. It is the irrational; it is the spiritual when it is divorced from the material; from the lesson in one beating heart or one bleeding vein." - Author: Anne Rice

Quotes About Hermia

"Afterward, she hooked a limp arm around his neck, buried her face against his shoulder, and whispered, "Dont ever get hypothermia with anyone but me." - Author: Catherine Anderson

Quotes About Finishing A Task

"He made me realize that hard work--that the act of finishing, of completing, of accomplishing a task--is joyous" - Author: Sherman Alexie

Quotes About Forgotten Love

"An artist is the magician put among men to gratify--capriciously--their urge for immortality. The temples are built and brought down around him, continuously and contiguously, from Troy to the fields of Flanders. If there is any meaning in any of it, it is in what survives as art, yes even in the celebration of tyrants, yes even in the celebration of nonentities. What now of the Trojan War if it had been passed over by the artists touch? Dust. A forgotten expedition prompted by Greek merchants looking for new markets. A minor redistribution of broken pots. But it is we who stand enriched, by a tale of heroes, of a golden apple, a wooden horse, a face that launched a thousand ships--and above all, of Ulysses, the wanderer, the most human, the most complete of all heroes--husband, father, son, lover, farmer, soldier, pacifist, politician, inventor and adventurer..." - Author: Tom Stoppard

Quotes About Valentines Gift

"A supreme deity would no more gift us with intellect and expect us to forsake it in moments of bafflement, than He would fashion us eyes to see and bid us shut them to the stars" - Author: Terryl L. Givens