[I Really Think People Are So Silly. They Spend Half Of Their Lives' Searching For The Beauty Of The World When The Beauty Is Within Them. The World Doesn't Make You Beautiful, You Do.]

Author: Coco Nicole Estef Quotes

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John Negroponte Quotes

"Very hard, very hard to represent a country, or carry out a policy that does not have consensus support."

AE Cannon Quotes

"Tom Cruise isnt that big of a guy," my mom always says. I love how she tries to avoid using the word "short."Yeah," I tell her in return, "but he compensates by being Tom Cruise."Not that anyone really wants to BE Tom Cruise anymore now that hes a crazy couch jumper. But whatever."

Marcus Brigstocke Quotes

"Eventually, somewhere - be it on the Internet or somewhere else - I will host some version of The Daily Show."

Eleanor Cameron Quotes

"...his eyes were exactly the color of that gleaming golden-brown moss you see on stones under the clear water of running brooks."

Paul Mehis Quotes

"La condizione più straziante per lanimo umano non è il dolore; è il dubbio!"

Silje Jensen Quotes

"I always found it so ironic, how the people from the past would do anything to see what happened everywhere else in the world that they lost so much of their own life watching this little screen."

Patrick Califia Rice Quotes

"If a young person is surviving by trading sex for the thing they need, what useful purpose is served by criminalizing that activity? Doesnt everybody have the right to try and survive? it might cost more to create shelters or group homes, drug treatment programs, schools for emancipated minors, counseling services, medical care and job training. But such programs can salvage human lives that are otherwise going to be cut short or wasted. If we can afford massive kiddy porn stings, why cant we afford to do this? Is it because, as a society,we obtain more pleasure out of trying to control young people, and punishing the minors who escape our control, than we would out of taking good care of kids who are in trouble?"

Fateh Emam Quotes

"Je pars de mon vécu personnel vers luniversel, à partir de ma propre expérience, je survole les problèmes du monde."

Adrienne Kennedy Quotes

"I get excited by landscape."

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore Quotes

"One must put things in perspective - Ive been given a circumstance with very little time to catch form and try and get an Olympic quota for the country."

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"By all means, give me a reason to decline," Ronan suggested as Felix moved to stand. "You came with high demands, and everyone knows a warlock collects in blood." - Author: Samantha Blake

Quotes About Hydrogeology

"A sound Physics of the Earth should include all the primary considerations of the earths atmosphere, of the characteristics and continual changes of the earths external crust, and finally of the origin and development of living organisms. These considerations naturally divide the physics of the earth into three essential parts, the first being a theory of the atmosphere, or Meteorology, the second, a theory of the earths external crust, or Hydrogeology, and the third, a theory of living organisms, or Biology." - Author: Jean Baptiste Lamarck

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"Deborah felt his erection against her stomach and smiled up at him. She grabbed hold of his bum and moved him gently from side to side so that it rocked against her, twitching like Frankensteins monster in an electric storm." - Author: Melvin Burgess

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"The Buddhists or the Jains do not depend upon God; but the whole force of their religion is directed to the great central truth in every religion, to evolve a God out of man. They have not seen the Father, but they have seen the Son. And he that hath seen the Son hath seen the Father also." - Author: Swami Vivekananda

Quotes About Selfish Woman

"She refuses to support the slogan - Men are equal to women - if this translates to her femininity being faded out or confused by trying to please a selfish idea of anyone wanting a woman to be both herself and a man." - Author: Gloria D. Gonsalves

Quotes About Shelley

"Welcome young poet, in here you are free to follow your star to where you should be.That door of the library was the door into meAnd Lorca and Shelley said "Come to the feast."Whitechapel Library, Aldgate East." - Author: Bernard Kops

Quotes About Homeopathy

"I always got a bit pissed off with those broadsheet sceptics who make their living being passionately angry about homeopathy, God, synchronicity or whatever, because its as if they cant get past their emotions, and in their rage they become as faith-driven as the beliefs they criticise. I always said they give scientists a bad name. After all, science has to be about asking unthinkable questions, not closing down debate." - Author: Scarlett Thomas

Quotes About Becomes

"At first, when an idea, a poem, or the desire to write takes hold of you, work is a pleasure, a delight, and your enthusiasm knows no bounds. But later on you work with difficulty, doggedly, desperately. For once you have committed yourself to a particular work, inspiration changes its form and becomes an obsession, like a love-affair… which haunts you night and day! Once at grips with a work, we must master it completely before we can recover our idleness." - Author: Natalie Clifford Barney

Quotes About Travel Agencies

"Our covering ministry is Challenge for Christ ministries, and Travel the Road was solely our mission arm, designed to expose people to what missions are, then connect them with agencies that send people out." - Author: Michael Scott

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"The painful sea of birth-and-death knows no bounds.We have long been submerged.Only the ship of Amidas Vowwill take us aboard and carry us across without fail.(Hymns on the Masters)" - Author: Kentetsu Takamori