[Then His Lips Were On Mine And I Lost Myself, Overwhelmed By The Surge Of Trey's Emotions As They Flooded Through Me. I Kissed Him Back Wanting To Forget My Fear Of Being Discovered Of Putting Him In Danger And Focus Only On How Good It Felt Being In His Arms. After All Relinquishing Some Control Was A Sacrifice Worth Making If It Meant I Could Continue To Live In This Fantasy With Trey. But The Dreaded Tingling In My Teeth Started Up Again And I Reluctantly Pulled Away.]

Author: Heather Jensen Quotes

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"I do a lot of cultural material thats based on my traveling around the world. I basically just report what Ive seen and where Ive been."

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"Organizing a working majority proved harder than we thought because we couldnt get a quorum. But one day in December, twelve people showed up, eight from our coalition. So we changed the quorum to eight. You gotta do what you gotta do--this was war, one faction against many others who wanted control of the land."

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"Lieber vollkommen lächerlich als vollkommen langweilig."

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"He slipped his hands around my waist and pulled me against him, tossing the ice cream cone over his shoulder. It landed with a splat on the sidewalk. "So does that mean I have a varsity girlfriend?"I giggled like a total girl and linked my hands behind his neck. "Yeah I guess it does.""Sweet." Then he bent his head, and I stood up on my tiptoes and we met in the middle. And it was perfect."

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"You write it down because finally, when its written down you do get it out of your system somewhat."

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"Frankly, I believe that identity is whats inside us."

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"India is my motherland."

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"Life to me is a journey - you never know what may be your next destination."

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"You can have fun, but when it is time to work, work hard and be focused."

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