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Author: Stanly Stephen Quotes

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Elle Aycart Quotes

"Youre so fucking beautiful when you come," he said, cupping her face, nuzzling her mouth. "Now turn around and bend over. I need to ride you."Tate opened her eyes and let out a shaky laugh. "Bend over the table? After being on my feet the whole night? I dont think so, buddy. I want on my back, pronto.""And I want in you. Now," he said as he lifted her left leg, hooked his elbow under her knee, and entered her."

Ada Louise Huxtable Quotes

"Today, when so much seems to conspire to reduce life and feeling to the most deprived and demeaning bottom line, it is more important than ever that we receive that extra dimension of dignity or delight and the elevated sense of self that the art of building can provide through the nature of the places where we live and work. What counts more than style is whether architecture improves our experience of the built world; whether it makes us wonder why we never noticed places in quite this way before."

Tempestt Bledsoe Quotes

"You can no longer define your manhood by whether youre on a nine-to-five job or youre making more money than your wife."

Charles Leadbeater Quotes

"People may be prepared to buy services from Apple and Amazon if they feel these companies do a good job, but we need to ensure that we can speak up when our content is used by other people for their profit. An activist amateur culture will constantly challenge and say, This is mine, youre not doing that with it."

FM Hopkins Quotes

"We do not kill good people, for the world is better with them in it."

Reese Schonfeld Quotes

"I think FoxNews ratings are a reliable guide to the attitudes of the American electorate."

Betty Greene Quotes

"Bending beats breaking."

Steven Lopez Quotes

"Winning had become kind of automatic, but I realized in 2008 that at any moment that could be taken away from me."

Stephen Frears Quotes

"I like a lot of takes. I just go on until the actors get it right."

Sean Booth Quotes

"So when they come around and say they want to do our stuff in America, its compliment really."

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Quotes About Madhouse

"Reality TV was to me the worst form of entertainment--the modern equivalent of paying sixpence to watch lunatics howling at the wall down at the local madhouse." - Author: Jasper Fforde

Quotes About Commute

"The young man shivered. He rolled the stock themes of fantasy over in his mind: cars and stockbrokers and commuters, housewives and police, agony columns and commercials for soap, income tax and cheap restaurants, magazines and credit cards and streetlights and computers... It is escapism, true, he said, aloud. But is not the highest impulse in mankind the urge toward freedom, the drive to escape?" - Author: Neil Gaiman

Quotes About Indoors

"Cam held her closer. "Marry me, Amelia. Youre what I want. Youre my fate." One hand slid to the back of her head, gripping the braids and ribbons to keep her mouth upturned. "Say yes." He nibbled at her lips, licked at them, opened them. He kissed her until shewrithed in his arms, her pulse racing. "Say it, Amelia, and save me from ever having to spend a night with another woman. Ill sleep indoors. Ill get a haircut. God help me, I think Id even carry a pocket watch if it pleased you." - Author: Lisa Kleypas

Quotes About The Finished Product

"You can have everything in the world, but if you dont have love, none of it means crap," he said promptly. "Love is patient. Love is kind. Love always forgives, trusts, supports, and endures. Love never fails. When every star in the heavens grows cold, and when silence lies once more on the face of the deep, three things will endure: faith, hope, and love." And the greatest of these is love," I finished. "Thats from the Bible." First Corinthians, chapter thirteen," Thomas confirmed. "I paraphrased. Father makes all of us memorize that passage. Like when parents put those green yucky-face stickers on the poisonous cleaning products under the kitchen sink." - Author: Jim Butcher

Quotes About Sensitivities

"I can see how, given a certain degree of sensitivities, proclivities and rage, I could have ended up differently." - Author: John Malkovich

Quotes About Mist And Fog

"The treetops swayed high above the mists along the edge of the forest known as Wynne Holt. Five boys, all in their twelfth year, lay on their stomachs peering through the grasses of the headland near The Point. They watched as the cloaked Creature, the Ge-sceaft, wandered through the shifting fog that intermittently smothered the field ahead of them. Its shadow faded and resurfaced as it roamed through the grasses; and at times, eerie noises-- almost like singing-- drifted to the edge of the cliff from where they watched. Angus, the oldest and brawniest of the lads, began telling tales that terrified and delighted the others. "It has horns, it does. Thats why it wears the hood so far over its face. The horns arent at the back; theyre near the front, and it uses them to tear up its food like an animal uses claws and fangs." "What does it eat?" The other boys turned" - Author: Chautona Havig

Quotes About Smiling And Love

"WAIT, WAIT! JUST one more!""Bliss, there are children waiting."And they probably hated us, but I was just so glad to see her smiling that I didnt care."Yeah, well, they all just jumped on the bandwagon. Most of them werent alive when I read Harry Potter for the first time."I turned to the Canadian family behind me and said, "Im so sorry. This is the last one, I promise." Then I took one more picture of Bliss pretending to push the luggage cart through the wall at the Platform 9¾ monument at Kings Cross Station.A little boy stuck his tongue out at Bliss as we left. I pulled her away before she could follow suit."That kid better watch it. Im totally a Slytherin."I shook my head, smiling."Love, Im going to need you to pull back on the crazy a bit.""Youre right. Realistically, Im a Ravenclaw." - Author: Cora Carmack

Quotes About Life After Tragedy

"Does character develop over time? In novels, of course it does: otherwise there wouldnt be much of a story. But in life? I sometimes wonder. Our attitudes and opinions change, we develop new habits and eccentricities; but thats something different, more like decoration. Perhaps character resembles intelligence, except that character peaks a little later: between twenty and thirty, say. And after that, were just stuck with what weve got. Were on our own. If so, that would explain a lot of lives, wouldnt it? And also - if this isnt too grand a word - our tragedy." - Author: Julian Barnes

Quotes About Snobs

"Australians are coffee snobs. An influx of Italian immigrants after World War II ensured that - we probably had the word cappuccino about 20 years before America. Cafe culture is really big for Aussies. We like to work hard, but we take our leisure time seriously." - Author: Hugh Jackman

Quotes About Sight In Oedipus The King

"PoetTo mask the fiery thought,in simple words succeeds.For still the craft of genius is,To mask a king in weeds" - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson