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Ram Vignesh Quotes
Ram Vignesh Quotes
Ram Vignesh Quotes

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Toraf nudges him from his thoughts. "You know whose advice I need?" He nods toward the gigantic house behind them. "Rachel's.""Actually, you don't," Galen says, standing. He reaches a hand down to help his friend."Why's that?""Rachel's expertise lies more along the lines of communication. You won't need to worry about communication when Rayna finds out you're already mated.""We're what?" They both turn to Rayna who has stopped mid-stride in the sand. The emotions on her face change from surprise to full-blown murderous rage."You're gonna pay a special price for that, minnow!" Toraf calls before he hits the water.Galen grins as Rayna slices through the waves in blood-thirsty pursuit. Then he heads for the house to talk to Rachel."
Author: Anna Banks

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