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Yoweri Museveni Quotes
Yoweri Museveni Quotes
Yoweri Museveni Quotes

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Galen places a hand on my thigh under the table and gives it a gentle squeeze. It's not meant to be sensual at all, but I've been going through Galen-withdrawals and I can't help but acknowledge the sensation of lava flowing through my veins. I try, try, try to respect that it's meant to comfort me. Galen must see it on my face because his eyes widen before he moves his hand away from me. "There's nothing for us to go back to, Emma," Galen says, clearing his throat. "That tribunal should have never happened. The Syrena world we once knew doesn't exist anymore."So I was right. The only thing stopping him in the bedroom earlier was my wound. Not Syrena law. Not Syrena tradition."
Author: Anna Banks

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